Thursday, 4 July 2013

Saving water in the shower

So the news on the radio this morning is all about how much money we could save by stopping wasting water.

They were particularly talking about saving water by having a shorter shower.  Now, I don't think we are too bad in my family apart from my son.  When he goes into the shower, I never know if, or when, he will reappear again.

He has been known to have showers lasting 1.5 hours.  He has been known to sit down in the shower cubicle, fall asleep and flood the shower room.

So how do I get him to cut down on his shower time?

I once marched in the shower room with the mop and bucket and proceeded to clean.  He was far from impressed (being 20 years old) but complained so much to his father that a lock got put on the door, so that stopped that idea.

I have tried continually knocking on the door and telling him he has an important telephone call/visitor but that doesn't work.

I have tried setting up a timer and charging him by the minute (we are on a water meter) but the realism of that getting paid are zero.

So who has a creative way of getting him to take shorter showers.

Answers on a postcard please (or preferably in comments box below)


  1. I would flush the toilet or run the water or give him the water bill!!

  2. I did start flushing the toilet but as my husband pointed out, I wasting wasting more water than ever! And it didn't deter my darling son who stayed in there just as long.

    Think I am going to have to remove lock on door again and tell him I will be walking in after 20 mins......