Friday, 2 January 2015

And I'm back .....

Back to writing on here again as a personal diary.

I am feeling positive for 2015 and with some big plans ahead.  Let's see if I keep to them.

Firstly I have started in my quest to get my backside into the beautiful wardrobe of clothes I have but can't squeeze into any more. Managed to resist the leftover champagne last night (a miracle I can tell you) and have had yoghurt for breakfast this morning rather than the mandatory mince pie and clotted cream.

This morning I have been invited to join a small group of business women who support each other to develop their businesses, by being open, honest, creative and informative. Who meet frequently, make a commitment to help each other to help address problems, issues and ideas in their separate businesses. No competition, jealousy, etc. a sounding board of support. 

I am about to add a few more touches to the new website I am building and hope to launch next week.

A busy day and feeling great

Sunday, 11 August 2013

The blog is moving

I have been having a few updates recently and have moved my blog.

If you would still like to follow the blog, please visit

I hope you stay with me

Monday, 5 August 2013

The pain of being a mother

No matter how old a child, a mother's love never wanes and the worry will never stop.  When a young child is ill or in pain, even though it can be heartbreaking to bear, it is possible to pick them up and hold them close to try and comfort them.  A young child wants and needs their mother.

When your child has grown into an adult and hurts them self, how different it is though.  Knowing your child is suffering, but does not need you and does not want you to wrap your arms around them and hold them tight can be heartbreaking.

This weekend my son had a horrific accident when playing football and broke two bones in his leg.

The first dilemma came when my husband and I received the phone call whilst we out with other family having a meal.

My maternal instinct immediately kicked in and my instant reaction was to rush to the hospital to be by his side.  I managed to speak to him on the phone though and he was absolutely insistent that he was old enough to be on his own and he did not want me to leave the family meal to be with him.

I sat at the table feeling sick and welling up with tears to the sounds of others around me telling me to stop fussing as he would be perfectly ok and a 21 year old man did not need his mother with him.

I do not think anyone, other than another mother, could comprehend the emotional pain I went through.  It didn't matter that he was 6'4" and 21 years old in a couple of weeks.  He was, and always will be, my precious child and I needed to be with him.

Eventually the call came for me to go to the hospital.  I rushed over to sit with him, but he still didn't want a fuss and wouldn't allow me to hug him or hold his hand.  I really cannot explain how difficult it was to restrain myself and to sit back and watch whilst he suffered in agony and for me not to be able to hold and comfort him.

I know my son is a grown man and is now fully independent of me but I will never stop feeling pain when I cannot get close to him.

I read somewhere someone whose father had said to them "I want to tell you right now, that you shouldn't have children... because you NEVER EVER stop worrying about them, or missing them"  

A true statement maybe but the real joy in life is having children no matter how much worry they give us.

Monday, 15 July 2013

My daughter flies the nest

My daughter flies the nest

So my daughter has this weekend flown the family nest.

She has lived away from home previously whist she was at University for three years, but this time it is different.

When she went to University, I knew she would one day return home again.  It was a temporary move.

This time she has moved into a house with her boyfriend and it feels completely different.  It feels permanent.

I could not wish for her to move in with someone any better than the man she has met.  And I knew it would happen one day.  But it still leaves me feeling a little empty and lost inside.

It is said that it is a parent's job to raise their children to be capable of living in this world as grown ups and to be self dependent.  I think in that department my husband and I have done an excellent job.  However, as I have heard other mothers say, it was not a job, it was something I did through pure love and enjoyment.

This is a new phase in both our lives.  One of excitement, learning and future hopes for my daughter.  One of self adjustment for me.

She is not far away so I will still see her on a regular basis, but there is something missing this morning as I sit here having breakfast alone.  I miss our early morning chats over breakfast and a cup of tea.  I miss sharing the hairdryer and make up as we both get ready for work each morning.  I miss preparing our lunches together.

The silence is deafening .....

A Daughter Leaving Home

Although she is moving out
She'll never be far away
She'll always live here with me
In my heart each day

Hopefully I taught her
The right things along the way
To help her make the right decisions
Each and every day

The most important thing 
That she should know
That if things don't work out
She always has a place to go

Though she no longer lives here
This will always be her home
The warm and kindest place
Her heart has ever known

A place where the welcome mat
Is always put out
A place that she can run to
When she's filled with doubt

It's so very hard to let her go
But I know that I must
I have so much faith in her
And a world of trust

I know she's smart enough
To make it on her own
It's hard to admit 
My little girl has finally grown

I hope she knows in her heart
Just how much I care
Because every time she needed me
I always tried to be there

I hope she knows if life gets tough
And she should need a friend
That she can always count on me
Until the very end

It's never very easy
Watching someone you love leave
I know that I must be strong
But silently I'll grieve

Someone who's been around
Morning, noon and night
No longer having her here
Just will not seem right

But she knows I love her
With all of my heart
And it's that love
That will never let us part

Ray Hansell

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Saving water in the shower

So the news on the radio this morning is all about how much money we could save by stopping wasting water.

They were particularly talking about saving water by having a shorter shower.  Now, I don't think we are too bad in my family apart from my son.  When he goes into the shower, I never know if, or when, he will reappear again.

He has been known to have showers lasting 1.5 hours.  He has been known to sit down in the shower cubicle, fall asleep and flood the shower room.

So how do I get him to cut down on his shower time?

I once marched in the shower room with the mop and bucket and proceeded to clean.  He was far from impressed (being 20 years old) but complained so much to his father that a lock got put on the door, so that stopped that idea.

I have tried continually knocking on the door and telling him he has an important telephone call/visitor but that doesn't work.

I have tried setting up a timer and charging him by the minute (we are on a water meter) but the realism of that getting paid are zero.

So who has a creative way of getting him to take shorter showers.

Answers on a postcard please (or preferably in comments box below)